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You Can. and you will. design a life that you love • you can. and you will. design a life that you love  • you can. and you will. design a life that you love 

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Welcome back to the second season of the “You Can and Will Design A Life that You Love” podcast. This season, we’re taking a different approach with a new Monday Motivation episode designed to give you a head start to your week. Each week, I’ll share an idea, inspiration or task to help you refocus […]

I´m so exited to share my official trailer of season 2 with you – but let me introduce myself first: I´m Kathrine Louis, I´m a business and Mindset Mentor and Communication Expert. I´m also a mom of three and I loooove fine cuisine, art, music, traveling and all of the beautiful things in life (a.k.a. […]

It´s wrap! – Season 1 is a wrap and today I really want to take that time and share with you all of the learnings of season 1, what kind of growth I experienced on my podcast as well as my YouTube channel, what the original plan was and what the conclusion is moving forward […]

Hi, I´m

I´m a Business & Mindset Mentor and that ace ♠️ for Female High Achievers, Leaders and artists.
I´m also a mom of three, wife, dog mom and I loooooove fine cuisine, arts, music, and all of the nice things in life a.k.a. cashmere sweaters, travelling and nice handbags...

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Unlock Your Potential and Success by Reprogramming your Mind with Hypnosis – w/ Expert Natascha Sakota

In today´s episode Kathrine Louis and Natascha Sakota talk about how you can reprogram your Subconscious Mind and unlock your potential and success by using the powerful tool of Hypnosis. Natascha Sakota is a RTT Certified Hypnotist (Marisa Peer), a Business & performance Coach, NLP Trainer and a Relational Counselor who is not only sharing […]

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