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Les Femmes C- Suite

Nobody wants to be alone! And in a career which is oftentimes challenging, specifically as females, we oftentimes feel alone & like a unicorn.
Don´t be a lonely unicorn, join us!

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Hi, I´m Kathrine Louis

I´ m a Business & Mindset Mentor and Communication Expert for Female High Achievers, Leaders and Women in the C- Suite.

I´ m also a mom of three, wife, dog mom and  I looooove fine cuisine, art, music, especially live concerts, cashmere sweaters and nice handbags. I just really enjoy all of the fine things in life, 100% libra style. Btw., full force libra over here (as in sun, moon & rising is ALL libra).

I enjoy playing Tennis a lot and really try to keep up with our 3 kids AND our puppy. That should count as sports, too, btw.

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