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Hi, I´m that ace up your sleeve ♠️,
I´m Kathrine Louis

Business & Mindset Mentor

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I´m that ACE up your sleeve, 
I´m here for you when you need motivation, when you finally want to break through your glass ceiling, provide clarity and teach you how to become your greatest self.
I´m here to support you in realizing your full potential, gain that success mindset and show you how to design your life so that you can thrive and flourish! 
I´m Kathrine Louis, I´m a Business and Mindset Mentor for Midlife Women.

Business & Mindset Mentoring


Are you a Midlife Woman feeling stuck and overwhelmed because you can't seem to fulfill your own expectations and achieve that success? Like, you haven´t been happy for a while now?  
Learn more about working with Kathrine Louis and how life changes having that Ace up your sleeve! 

If you want to be surrounded by Exceptional Midlife Females like you with Exclusive Live Teachings and Content  in a tailored-to-your-need space don´t waste any more time -  

„You Can. And You Will.“ is the #1 Podcast for all Midlife Women Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Artists looking for that extra dose of inspiration and motivation, self growth and designing the life they want. 
Welcome to your new favorite Podcast “You Can. And You Will.”

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Hi, I´M

"...For years I felt utterly stuck and continuously seemed to hit a glass ceiling I couldn't seem to pass by."

a little of my story


After parental leave I found myself in an identity crisis I didn't know how to get out of.
I was afraid to never by myself again or be happy. I also wasn't sure what my career was going to look like.
I´m able to handle so many situations differently and better. Working with you I´ve learned that I cannot change certain situations and people but need to start with myself.
Because of that I am way less frustrated, upset and get to focus on what really is important.
I got back to being and feeling my true self again and I feel very comfortable.
My self- esteem has considerably improved.
Since having a Mentor is a very personal thing it was important to me having a Mentor I can be and communicate with eye to eye. I was able to trust and identify with you.
You are not only the right person to turn to when it comes to Business Mentoring but also when it comes to getting my private life back on track. You are real support and always share valuable advice.
It is so obvious that you are really into and care about the person – and not just the client.


Kathrine Louis helped me at a time when the future seemed so up in the air. With my job (artist) on hold because of a new baby and a global p.,
I was feeling not at all like myself!

Through her dynamic energy and focus
Kathrine Louis gave me tools to move forward
with purpose and joy.
The world is still a very insecure place but I feel like
I have the confidence and support to face
whatever comes with grace and enthusiasm.
That is because of Kathrine Louis` guidance.

- Heather, Chicago

"Working with Kathrine Louis was the greatest gift to myself. I was stuck in my career and felt unmotivated. I had no idea about my full potential and was afraid to not be skilled enough.
Kathrine Louis empowered and supported me in a way I haven´t known before.”

Business and mindset mentor I
That ACE up your sleeve! ♠️

"A Successful Woman With Experience Who Knows Her Business!"

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- Nadine, Berlin / Germany

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