Welcome to the "You Can. And You Will. Design a Life that You Love" Podcast! 

Hosted by Kathrine Louis, a multifaceted expert in business, mindset, and life's pleasures, this podcast is your guide to crafting a soulful and successful life. Through enlightening conversations, interviews, and actionable tips, "You Can. And You Will." empowers trailblazing women to thrive, fostering a success-oriented mindset, unshakable confidence, and genuine happiness. 
Join us on this transformative journey to unlock your potential, embrace your passions, and shape your extraordinary tomorrow with Kathrine Louis by your side.

You Can.


design a life that you love





You can now watch the Podcast as a Show YOuTubE

You can now watch the Podcast as a Show YOuTubE

You can now watch the Podcast as a Show YOuTubE

This is a podcast for
Women in Business, Leaders and Artists
who want to design their life and learn how to thrive and flourish.

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- Nadine, Berlin / Germany

I´ m also a mom of three, wife, dog mom and I looooove fine cuisine, art, music, especially live concerts, cashmere sweaters and nice handbags. I just really enjoy all of the fine things in life, 100% libra style. Btw., full force libra over here (as in sun, moon & rising is ALL libra).

I enjoy playing Tennis a lot and really try to keep up with our 3 kids AND our puppy. That should count as sports, too, btw.

I´ m a Business & Mindset Mentor and
that ACE ♠️ for Female Entrepreneurs, Executives & Artists.

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