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Design a life you love with the help, motivation and inspiration from
Business and Life Coach & Communication Trainer Kathrine Louis.

You Can.


design a life you love

"A Successful Woman With Experience Who
Perfected Her Skills!"

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Pushes You Forward

- Louisa, Italy

"I´m So Exited For Each New Episode,
A MUST- Listen For Every Female!"

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This Woman Is A Force

- Nadine, Berlin / Germany

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Be Confident

You Can • And You Will •

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You Can. 

And You Will.

"This is a podcast for
Women in Business, Leaders and Artists
who want to live in their full potential."

Meet Business & Life coach & Communication Trainer

and I will help you create a life you didn´t dare to

dream of!

Hi, I´m Kathrine Louis

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Get set for "5 MINUTES MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION" – your weekly motivational pep talk exclusively on your favorite podcast show “you can. and you will.” filled with inspiration, positivity and insight hosted by
 business and LIFe coach Kathrine Louis.

Transform Monday blues into a thrilling climb with brief episodes that fuel your potential and confidence.



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"...and remember: You Can. And Will. design a life you love - at any moment in time!" 

Kathrine Louis

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SAVE 2 + Hours
and 2x your Productivity 

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