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“You Can. And You Will.” Is the #1 Podcast for all Female Leaders & Artists striving for an exceptional career & life!
Do you want to learn how to flourish in career, feel empowered and be confident? - 
Welcome to your new favorite Podcast “You Can. And You Will.”

You Can.






You can now watch the Podcast as a video on spotify and YOuTube

This is a podcast for
Female Leaders & Artists
want to live an exceptional life, Who Want To Feel Empowered And Be Confident!

I´ m also a mom of three, wife, dog mom and I looooove fine cuisine, art, music, especially live concerts, cashmere sweaters and nice handbags. I just really enjoy all of the fine things in life, 100% libra style. Btw., full force libra over here (as in sun, moon & rising is ALL libra).

I enjoy playing Tennis a lot and really try to keep up with our 3 kids AND our puppy. That should count as sports, too, btw.

I´ m a Business & Mindset Mentor and
Architect of growth
for Female Leaders & Artists.

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You Can. And You Will.

this is your new favorite podcast if

You Want To Learn How To Be Empowered & Live An Exceptional Life + Career

You want to learn more about A Mindset Programmed To Success & Happiness

You Want To Learn More About 

Being Confident

"A Successful Woman With Experience Who Knows Her Business!"

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Pushes You Forward

- Louisa, Italy

"I´m So Exited For Each New Episode,
A MUST- Listen For Every Female!"

Apple podcast Reviews

This Woman Is A Force

- Nadine, Berlin / Germany

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