This is the story of a girl that was raised to either become a musician or having an average low paid 9 - 5  to
becoming an Entrepreneur for 16+ years & Business and Mindset Mentor.
That girl is me. 

A little of my story

Business And Mindset Mentor I I´m YOur ACE! ♠️ • Business And Mindset Mentor I I´m Your ACE! ♠️ • Business And Mindset Mentor I I´m YOur ACE! ♠️ • 

Hi, I´m

meet your Business & Mindset Mentor and
ace up your sleeve ♠️

One of the things I Enjoy Doing Most Is Working With My Clients. I Know, It Almost Sounds Cliché, But Seeing My Clients Flourishing, Expanding, Unlocking Their Full Potential, Being Happy, thriving and flourishing Beyond Their Own Expectations When Working With Me – That Is Giving Me Life!
but when i´m not mentoring my clients i'm a mom of three (2 boys, 1 daughter) wife and I just love spending time with my loved ones.
I looooove fine cuisine, art, music, especially live concerts, traveling, cashmere sweaters and nice handbags.
I just overall really enjoy all of the fine things in life, 100% libra style (btw., full force libra over here, sun, moon & rising is ALL libra). 
I enjoy playing Tennis A LOT and really try to keep up with our 3 kids AND our puppy (That should count as sports, too, btw).
I grew up in a family of which the majority are professional musicians or running their own business and my dad being a director. Growing up I never knew anybody having a normal nine to five.
I grew up with people being artists or having THAT career. I grew up, all my life, knowing nothing else but what you´re striving for.

The things I learned from nobody around me ever having a “normal” nine to five is that:

a) you should really work in your Zone Of Genius/  potential, because you just can´ t and won´ t put a timer on doing what you truly love and are
b) what other people consider a “normal” nine to five job and life might just NOT be for you
c) a true genius (no matter what profession) merely ever works a normal job
d) you should really, really have somebody playing on YOUR TEAM (a.k.a. a Coach or a Business & Mindset Mentor) so you can actually thrive, live beyond your own limits and live up to your full potential

..."I was not built for a nine to five, but I was very much designed to be an entrepreneur."

When I was about to graduate two things were 100% certain:
1. I wouldn’t become a professional musician
2. I was not built for a nine to five, but I very much desired being an entrepreneur. As in, I felt it in my bones, just couldn’t point my finger on it exactly just yet.

With a family of musicians I was raised to believe I could either become a musician or have a 9 - 5, anything else never seemed to be an option. The things that I loved and were talented in needed to be my hobbies but never were an option to be turned into a career. That was the mindset I was raised in - and ultimately believed to be the truth.

That caused me to struggle for years as I had always felt in my bones that my “career” was meant to be an expression of purpose, that I was supposed to support others, not just a means to make ends meet. 

Moving on, starting to dive deeper and becoming an Expert in Communication, I was ready to pack up and move to the U.S., New York to be exact.
I always wanted to live there ever since I was a little child.
Having my applications all sent out – I, of course, had to meet the love of my life.
Little did I know, future husband and father to our 3 amazing kids.

Fast forward almost 13 years later, I finally found my purpose, my Zone Of Genius, when becoming a Business & Mindset Mentor and Communication Expert to Female Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Artists.

I love being that Ace up those incredible female sleeves, being their confidant, sounding board and mentor. Seeing them flourish and thrive, realize their full potential and becoming their greatest self – that is what is giving me life!

behind the business and Mindset mentor I I´m Your ACE! ♠️

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Travelling with my family, seeing amazing places, great mattresses in hotels (because I just CANNOT sleep in bad ones - and that messes up any vacation), fine cuisine & arts, amazing, high quality fabric in about anything (handbags, clothes...) Harvard. if you can´ t tell by now, I´ m a full force libra. 

I´m learning that even though I never judge other peoples behaviour (I always respect another point of view dearly) it stills means that I´ m allowed to be hurt by it and give myself space to not deny my feelings. 
{That´ s some really deep ish, btw.}

Fish. I´ m dead serious, if it´ s coming out of the ocean - it will not end up on my plate.
End of the story.

That no matter where you are in life, no matter your upbringing, who you are or what you have experienced: you absolutely can becoming and do ANYTHING and live that exceptional life & career.
YOU CAN. AND YOU WILL. Talking about being an Architect of Growth.

If I´m not working with my clients or recording a podcast...

I looooove fine cuisine, art, music, especially live concerts, cashmere sweaters and nice handbags.
I just overall really enjoy all of the fine things in life, 100% libra style. Btw., full force libra over here (as in sun, moon & rising is ALL libra).
I enjoy playing Tennis A LOT and really try to keep up with our 3 kids AND our puppy.
That should count as sports, too, btw.

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