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for Midlife women


Your Success Is Right Around This Corner.

Becoming your greatest self, designing the life and success you want and simply flourishing and thriving is the goal! 

Kathrine Louis Exclusive Signature 1:1 Mentorship for Midlife Women will provide that to you as the
 #1 key to experiencing all of that is consistent and ongoing Mentorship. 
Kathrine Louis is that Ace up your sleeve!
Kathrine Louis has the unique expertise to make you develop your success mindset, realize your full potential and design the life you actually want! 
Kathrine Louis will not only be your confidant, your sounding board and your mental sparring ally but she will also always make sure you receive that honest, inspirational and motivational feedback that is golden on your journey to achieving exceptional success.

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New Beginning



3 or 6 month Mentorship

12 month + Mentorship

Exclusive VIP Day

If you´ve been stuck and stressed lately and can´t seem to reach your goals then this Exclusive Business & Mindset Mentorship is exactly support you need!
You will soon come to find that having Kathrine Louis as your Business & Mindset Mentor and Ace up your sleeve will not only guide you to becoming your greatest self but also teach you how to gain that success mindset, realize your full potential and become your greatest self. 

Ongoing success, growth and expansion is in long term Mentorship. Long term Mentorship is where the magic is at.
Nothing ever can beat that knowing and much deeper sense of trust that you develop during the course of your long term Premium Signature Business & Mindset Mentorship with Kathrine Louis. That kind of continues support and feedback is the greatest game changer you can experience, for your career as well as your life.

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- upon request -

Picture a day filled with the greatest kind of inspiration as well as motivation, where it is all about you. Off limit support and conversations, exclusive and in depth advice for your life and career. 
And accompanying that a nice lunch at a top restaurant, a spa treatment, visit to a museum - or whatever you love to do most, really. 


After parental leave I found myself in an identity crisis I didn't know how to get out of.
I was afraid to never by myself again or be happy. I also wasn't sure what my career was going to look like.
I´m able to handle so many situations differently and better. Working with you I´ve learned that I cannot change certain situations and people but need to start with myself.
Because of that I am way less frustrated, upset and get to focus on what really is important.
I got back to being and feeling my true self again and I feel very comfortable.
My self- esteem has considerably improved.
Since having a Mentor is a very personal thing it was important to me having a Mentor I can be and communicate with eye to eye. I was able to trust and identify with you.
You are not only the right person to turn to when it comes to Business Mentoring but also when it comes to getting my private life back on track. You are real support and always share valuable advice.
It is so obvious that you are really into and care about the person – and not just the client.


Kathrine Louis helped me at a time when the future seemed so up in the air. With my job (artist) on hold because of a new baby and a global p.,
I was feeling not at all like myself!

Through her dynamic energy and focus
Kathrine Louis gave me tools to move forward
with purpose and joy.
The world is still a very insecure place but I feel like
I have the confidence and support to face
whatever comes with grace and enthusiasm.
That is because of Kathrine Louis` guidance.

- Heather, Chicago

"Working with Kathrine Louis was the greatest gift to myself. I was stuck in my career and felt unmotivated. I had no idea about my full potential and was afraid to not be skilled enough.
Kathrine Louis empowered and supported me in a way I haven´t known before.”

You´re Stressed Out & Overwhelmed

You can´t seem to reach your goal{s}

You´re Struggeling in Your Relationships

challenges you might be facing:

That feeling of being stuck in your career and feeling alone with it! It´s a whole thing and can feel like your career (and life) is all a mess…

Having a successful career AND taking care of your loved ones, your partner or starting a family is an enormous challenge that can become very overwhelming!

When you´ ve been working so hard for that success, status and recognition – but it seems like you´re not moving in the right direction? Other people are moving on up - but your career seems stagnant? Are you the only Female in the Board?

You Need

You really deserve having your own ace up your sleeve!

unlock Your full potential

Climbing Up that ladder

You absolutely do NOT have to figure all of this out by yourself. 
You deserve a Mentor, a confidant guiding you and supporting you having a broader perspective. You need that Ace up your sleeve guiding you to becoming your greatest self and realizing your potential.
This will not only save you a ton of time in your career but also gain you much greater success.

In order to achieving exceptional success, thriving and flourishing - unlocking your Full Potential AND a success Mindset are key! 

Breaking your glass ceiling, claiming your happiness and success, is absolutely not too much to ask for. Never.
With Kathrine Louis unique expertise and her as your Ace up your sleeve and Sounding Board by your side in your Exclusive Signature Business & Mindset Mentorship you will absolutely be capable of reaching both and beyond.

Your Action Plan:

Becoming your greatest self

Design the life that you want

unlocking your full potential

Develop A Success Mindset

how does that sound?

How it works

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Send Kathrine Louis an email now and expect her response within 48 hrs. 

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Once setting an appointment you will meet Kathrine Louis on Zoom and get to know each other, talk about your goals and how Kathrine Louis can serve you best.

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