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Kathrine Louis exclusive signature Mentorship will provide that to you as the #1 key to living and being all that is the consistent concentration & ongoing feedback within her Mentorship.  
Kathrine Louis has the unique expertise to make you experience confidence and great transformation where you were stressed and/ or overwhelmed before.
Kathrine Louis will not only be your confidant, your sounding board and your mental sparring ally but she will also always make sure you receive that honest, inspirational and motivational feedback that is golden on your journey to achieving exceptional success.
Besides working on your Mindset and action plans to achieving your goals, unlocking your fullest potential is a main focus in Kathrine Louis Exclusive Signature Mentorship.




New Beginning



6 month Mentorship

12 month + Mentorship

Exclusive VIP Day

What´s included:
     2 hr kick off call
     6 month biweekly Zoom Calls w/     
     Kathrine Louis
     TUE - FRI WhatsApp Support

What´s included:
     2 hr kick off call
     6 month biweekly Zoom Calls w/     
     Kathrine Louis
     TUE - FRI WhatsApp Support

What´s included:
     1 day w/ Kathrine Louis
     working on your most important matters
     & Mindset
     fine lunch
     Ladies time: we get a spa treatment!

additional calls available 

additional calls available 

If you´ve been stuck and stresses lately and can´t seem to reach your goals then this Exclusive Business & Mindset Mentorship is exactly the push & support you need!
You will soon come to find that having Kathrine Louis as your Business & Mindset Mentor & confidant will not only guide you to achieving exceptional success much faster & easier but will also inevitably push you beyond your own limits and make you experience greater success & fulfillment.

When you know – you just know.  Long term Mentorship is where the magic is at.
Nothing ever can beat that knowing and much deeper sense of trust that you develop during the course of your long term Premium Signature Business & Mindset Mentorship with Kathrine Louis.
Also, Kathrine Louis Premium Signature long term Mentorship has a much broader variety of flourishing and accomplishing bigger milestones in your career.

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You will spend an entire Day w/ Kathrine Louis!
Spending the day together, working on your most important topics as well as going to a fine lunch & receiving a spa treatment, you will get to soak up Kathrine Louis unique expertise & insight on all topics that are vital for your success and growth.
From Empowerment and Confidence to Mindset, it is safe to say that this exceptional day will change your life!

- Heather, Chicago

"Working with Kathrine Louis was the greatest gift to myself. My Confidence has skyrocketed since and I also didn’t even see myself setting the goals I have achieved already. This Mentorship has truly turned my career and life around!"

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You´re Stressed Out & Overwhelmed

You can´t seem to reach your goal{s}

You´re Struggeling in Your Relationships

challenges you might be facing:

That feeling of being stuck in your career and feeling alone with it! It´s a whole thing and can feel like your career (and life) is all a mess…

Having a successful career AND taking care of your loved ones, your partner or starting a family is an enormous challenge that can become very overwhelming!

When you´ ve been working so hard for that success, status and recognition – but it seems like you´re not moving in the right direction? Other people are moving on up - but your career seems stagnant? Are you the only Female in the Board?

You Need

You really deserve having an ACE!

unlock Your full potential

Climbing Up that ladder

You absolutely do NOT have to figure all of this out by yourself. 
You deserve a Mentor, a confidant guiding you and supporting you having a broader perspective. You need a Mentor setting you up for exceptional success.
This will not only save you a ton of time in your career but also gain you much greater success.

In order to achieving exceptional success, living a career AND life beyond your expectations - unlocking your Full Potential AND Mindset are key! 

Flourishing in your career, being fulfilled in your life, too, is absolutely not too much to ask for. Never.
With Kathrine Louis unique expertise and her as your Sounding Board by your side in your Exclusive Signature Business & Mindset Mentorship you will absolutely be capable of reaching both and beyond.

the results

surpassing your goals

your Exceptional career 

unlocking your full potential

Upleveling Your Life

push beyond your own limits






how does that sound?

What are you waiting for? →

We´re not playing over here, this is what Kathrine Louis will do: 
First, you will identify your real (!) goal with her, second, you will develop an action plan to actually achieve it together with Kathrine Louis.
And yes, working on your Mindset is key, as well. Kathrine Louis will make sure to have you all set and ready to flourish and experience an exceptional career..

Your career is so much more than just the work that you perform when being in the office.
Your career is nourished by the things you are interested in, the people you spend your time & life with and, most importantly, is based on what you think what is actually possible for you.
What if you can finally remove that glass ceiling with Kathrine Louis in her Exclusive Premium Mentorship and set the course to achieve goals beyond what you´ve expected? 

The truth is that most people are not aware of their potential, let alone full potential.
But here is the thing, once you´ve unlocked your full potential, literal magic will happen. And while it seems difficult to imagine the Disney kind of “magic” in the C- Suite, imagine you achieving exceptional success & promotions in an easy way, as in opportunities and accomplishments flow to you. That’s is working in your full potential. And Kathrine Louis will take you right there.

Here is the thing, if you´re invested in your career (and since you´re reading this it´s very likely you are) your career and your personal life are inevitably intertwined. When your self-esteem is at its high it will have the most positive impact on your social life AND your career. When your career is flourishing – guess what – it will have a positive effect on your private life, too.
So, really, being successful will up level your ENTIRE life.

It is very unlikely to even consider Pushing Beyond Your Own Limits when you haven´t even achieved your goals yet, right?
But know this, when you start your Exclusive Signature Business & Mindset Mentorship with Kathrine Louis you will soon come to realize that you are only scratching the surface.
Let´s go!

How it works

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If you feel called & this is for you - do not hesitate!
Send Kathrine Louis an email now and expect her response within 24 hrs. 

Now this is the best part! You will kick off your Exclusive Signature Mentorship with Kathrine Louis with an intensive and uplifting 2 hour Zoom call - and start your exceptional journey right there!

Once setting an appointment you will meet Kathrine Louis on Zoom and get to know each other, talk about your career and how Kathrine Louis can serve you best.

This Is Your Chance

"“I was utterly stuck in my career and that took a toll on my private life, too. But when I first met Kathrine Louis she gave me this sudden sense that I actually have what it takes to push beyond my limits.
Fast forward, after working with Kathrine Louis I have just been promoted – and I would have never dared to dream of that position before I met her.”

- Megan, New York

Kathrine Louis

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