is this you?

Being constantly stressed out and overwhelmed because you don´t want to miss deadlines or fail tasks

Higher risk of stress

A decreased productivity as well as procrastination

the fear of poor quality of work 

failing to achieve your goals

Sleep, health and mental health issues (anxiety, depression, burnout ...) 

poor relationships or even the loss of them 

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Meet Business & Life coach + Communication Trainer

I will help you create a life you didn´t dare to

dream of!

I`ve been an Entrepreneur for over 17 years,
Mom Of Three, DogMom,
I love Haute Cuisine and anything Design -

in short,  I´m 100% libra.

Hi! I´m Kathrine Louis

Becoming an entrepreneur I quickly learned that completing all tasks and performing my A Game was an absolute necessity in order to “make it” in my industry, in order to achieve the success I was striving for. 
Becoming a mom of three and raising my own family I basically had to re-invented Productivity!

Since I didn't want to choose between having a successful career and raising my own family I knew I had to learn and then master Time Management and Productivity to an all time new height. 

Since I basically had nap times to run my entire business I didn't have any time to waste or money to leave on the table - I really had to figure it out and be over the top efficient. And I wanted to! 
I´ve been creating systems and strategies for more than a decade, adjusted and maximized until I can proudly say today that my strategies have set new standards in Time Management and how to be the most efficient and productive. And I happily admit that I am absolutely obsessed with creating and implementing new Time Management strategies that have transformed my own career as well as numerous of my clients careers. 

Spending time with my family and creating memories were a must, too and not negotiable so I really needed to master Work- Life Balance. 
A simple fact is that you canNOT create memories with your loved ones if you´re completely tired, exhausted and worn out. But how does a mom run a successful business, raise her kids while still taking care of herself and making sure her energy levels are up? 




about me

a couple of

33% higher risk of developing coronary heart disease 

42% higher risk of developing mental health disorders as anxiety or depression 

23% higher likelihood of premature mortality*

In the US 77% have experienced burnout at least once in their current jobs. 

43% more remote employees work over 40 hours a week than onsite employees do.**

In the US 33% of employed adults work on average Saturday, Sunday or holiday. 

66% of full- time employees say they don´t strongly believe they have a Work- Life Balance.***

20% of adults regularly delay tasks affecting their efficiency****

82% of individuals lack an effective system for managing their time leading to

51% of their workday being allocated to less valuable activities.*****

*according to
**according to
***according to 
****according to the American Psychological Association
*****according to Zippia 

Latest Work- Life Balance Statistics:

Latest Time Management Statistics:

Imagine This

How would it feel experiencing an increase in your productivity? 

How does it sound not needing to fear missing deadlines or of a poor quality of your work? 

Imagine your focus was improved and you´d gain greater clarity? 

How does it sound reaching your goals faster? 

What if I´d tell you that you absolutely could experience better health, better sleep and an improved mental health? 

How would it feel to have Healthy and happy relationships? 


Premium Business & Life Coaching with Kathrine Louis 

Your Exclusive 1:1 Coaching with Kathrine Louis that will transform your Career and Personal Life from being stressed out, damaging to your health and unproductive to

improved focus and greater clarity

Increased productivity

positive reputation

higher energy level & greater capability 

reaching goals faster 

improved Health and mental health

Better, happy and healthy relationships

where will you be 6 months
from now?

What did it cost you so far being stressed out, unproductive + a deteriorating health / mental health? 

What did that stress cause to your relationships? 

How did it impact your career? 

What would it be worth to you having your Time Management mastered and being 2 - 2.5X more productive? 

What would it mean to you having mastered your Work- Life Balance and being able to have happy and healthy Relationships with your loved ones? 

How about...

This Premium Coaching is NOT for you

You´re not willing to put in the effort that it takes to change your Career and Life

You´re not willing to implement new strategies Kathrine Louis has provided for you

You´re not willing to be consistent about the work with Kathrine Louis 


You´re not willing to trust the process

This Premium Coaching is PERFECT for you

you´ve been struggling to complete all tasks while working 24/7 every day 

you´re looking for ways to be 2 - 2.5X more productive + save time and money and call Time Management your zone of genius 

if you´ve maxed out your health and mental health and start feeling it


if you´re wanting to master your Work- Life Balance and have happy and healthy relationships

book your call!

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Will you continue hoping for a fairy to magically improve your Career and Life - or are you ready to take action? 


Q: How do I know I'll be fully supported and my needs being met while having Kathrine Louis as my coach? 

Q: My schedule is really busy and I can't keep up with another obligation on top - But I´d really love to do Kathrine Louis Premium Coaching. What do I do? 

Q: In case I have to reschedule - does the policy allow that? 

Q: In order to work with Kathrine Louis - what is the application Process like? 

Q: How can I make sure I track my goals while working with Kathrine Louis? 

Q: If I´d like to upgrade my coaching package because I´d like a lil extra support - can I do that? 

your frequently asked questions:

A: Tailoring her Coaching Package to your unique and personal situation is the first thing Kathrine Louis makes sure of. Meeting you where you´re at in your life right now is one of Kathrine Louis top priorities when it comes to working with her clients as that is one of the key factors to seeing you win! 

A: Having busy clients all over the world Kathrine Louis is proficient in creating schedules that will work for her students best in regards to their time difference, career obligations etc.

A: Absolutely! Kathrine Louis makes sure that working with her is not just another obligation in your schedule but actually something you´re looking forward to every time so flexibility is a must! 
You can reschedule up to two appointments per contract up to 48 hrs before the call. 

A: In order to constantly improve and elevate her Premium Coaching for her clients, and as a consequent your results, Kathrine Louis is currently A/B testing her very own App which will allow it for you to not only track your goals and improvements but also will make direct messaging with Kathrine Louis a pure bliss! 

A: Great Question! Since Kathrine Louis Coaching spots are very limited every season you will need to apply for working together with her first. Please fill out THIS application. 
Kathrine Louis and her team will make sure to carefully review every application which will take up to 48 hours. 
If you seem to be a great fit for her Premium Coaching Kathrine Louis will invite you to a first call. 

Yes! If you´re one of Kathrine Louis exclusive clients you can book additional video calls or calls at any time. 

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